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Healthy Foods to Feed Your Dog

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Bringing the people behind our food to life everybody worries about what Dogs shouldn’t eat. But nobody ever talks about what dogs should eat and so we kind of build up this thing that Oh dogs shouldn’t eat people food. It’s not people food, it’s just food people food goes on your plate and should stay on your plate. But uh! ingredients they’re just ingredients they’re just food.

People often gives bad and harmful food to dog too, if you ever did such mistake, you need to contact your vet immediately and tell what you dog ate, ask his permission to make your dog throw up if he allows you you can get the guide on PetyPets.

So, I try to always help dogs get a better share of actual food and my approach for feeding a dog is to do commercial food and homemade food. With the commercial food they’re going to get all those vitamins and minerals and that’s what keeps dog’s body from failing. Then, the other  homemade is can be almost anything.

I like to use eggs as one of my primary sources with a scrambled egg is quick easy and has everything inside that shell that is necessary to form a baby chick. So it can do form a lot of powerful things in your dog’s body.

Also that egg shell is really high in calcium since calcium is one of those things that dogs need you can dry them in the oven powder them up in a food processor or a blender until it’s a really fine dust.

That creates an additional source of calcium to meet a dog’s high calcium requirement and then I kind of look around the grocery store and I say hey what else should we add here? There’s a lot of opportunity, pork is probably one of the meats that is not served to dogs as much because there’s a lot of concentration on beef, chicken and turkey but lean cuts of pork are really good lean cuts of beef.

Beef’s heart is really good I particularly like using things like chicken gizzards and chicken hearts in dog food because they like it is chewy. It’s meaty they’re really good sources of protein and there are little cuts of meat that are secondary to what we eat.

Go to town when it comes to the produce aisle and I like to throw in things like yams, carrots, green beans, spinach, apples and plums. Our dog Baxter is crazy about plums and he can smell it from like you know a block away and then I try to throw in things like rosemary. It’s really high in act and accent and antibacterial properties.

I like turmeric because it has cancer-fighting properties I throw in a ton of parsley into the dog’s food because that’s really high in vitamin K. It’s really high in cancer-fighting properties and then pretty much I just kind of try to do a lot of variety. I try to alternate between a lot of different foods.

That’s one of the great things about doing that is you can also take advantage of this is on sale or this is more available or this is seasonal one thing about vegetables and fruits the more fibrous it is the more difficult it will be for a dog short digestive system to process that so they actually need you to either mechanically do it break it down by grading it or chopping it really finely or using a cooking it well to sort of cooking still it’s very soft things like carrots and apples are pretty easy for them to digest but the more harder fibrous it is the more help that they need you.

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