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How Fleas Can Harm Your Pet Rabbits

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According to the study of rabbits, there is a great percentage that the pets obtain fleas at least once in their life. Fleas are dominant in a particular climate or season. However, it can be present and can affect one’s pet all year round. Fleas have the ability to transfer from one animal to the other. Research shows that rabbits can be highly infected through direct contact with another affected animal. Animals that are mostly the source of transmission are cats and dogs.

Generally, there are two common kinds of flea species that exist on pets. The most common species that affect domestic rabbits is the Ctenocephalides felis, also known as the cat flea. The other species is the Spilopsyllus cuniculi. It is rare for a domestic rabbit to be affected by this kind of flea as this can be mostly found in wild rabbits.

Aside from the two, there are more than two thousand more flea species in the world. The harmful effects that they can bring to your pets depend on the type of species. Here are the most common ones:


Fleas are a natural disease-carrying parasite. Diseases mostly found in fleas include tularemia and myxomatosis. Furthermore, the Spilopsyllus cuniculi species can transmit many harmful parasites and diseases affecting the majority of the population of wild rabbits and domestic pets. These include the Trypanosoma nabiasi parasite, which causes serious clinical diseases and the viral agent-causing ‘myxy’ called myxoma virus.

Cause Irritations

The cat flea can create a severe irritation to a pet. Flea bites occur once the parasites inject saliva into the animal. An allergic reaction will occur towards the anti-coagulase enzyme that can be found on the flea’s injected saliva. The enzyme is responsible for the continuous flow and source of blood.

Cause Death

Without taking a proper action of the pet’s condition, the rabbit can develop anemia. This is a condition where the level of hemoglobin, erythrocytes, or both reach lower than the normal reference level.

Based on a clinic’s study, twenty-nine percent (29%) of rabbits with anemia are caused by an inflammation. There are 70% of mild anemia cases and 11% of severe cases. Severe anemia will lead to the pet’s death (British Veterinary Association, 2017).

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned effects of flea infestation on pets can bring drastic problems. It would be wise to get the help of an expert to treat your pets. Aside from getting the cure, prevention should be observed.

Specialists recommend the use of special chemicals that are designed to eliminate fleas from the surrounding environment. Once these are done inside the home, treating the pet is the second step. One can find dozens of medications out there designed to prevent fleas from existing on a pet. These medications include pills, skin gels, etc. In choosing a treatment, consider the rabbit’s weight and size as the standard.

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