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If you have a pet bird

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If you have a pet bird, you may want to know about the best food to feed him or her. Because the avian diet should include more than pellets or birdseed, you should consider adding fruits and vegetables to some birds’ daily fare.

Most companion birds need a varied diet. To feed them properly, and to ensure they have a happy attitude and healthy skin and feathers, provide them with a balanced avian diet. Depending on the type of bird you have, consider what foods they eat in the wild. For instance, a macaw is seeds, insects, grasses, fruits, and even flowers on occasion.

Companion Bird Products

Think balanced diet for bird products. To keep him or her healthy enough to ward off illnesses, combat fungal, viral, or bacterial infections, and to keep his or her feathers looking great, the primary diet should be as nutritionally balanced as possible. Each bite your pet bird eats must provide the nutritional building blocks for the body.

However, birds are known to be picky eaters. If your bird’s food isn’t fun to eat and nutritious, he or she might not get the nutrients needed each day.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Feed your companion pet bird in the morning when he or she is hungriest.
  • Remove any “fresh foods,” such as fruits and vegetables, within a few hours of feeding to avoid spoilage.

Don’t leave the pet bird’s bowl empty for long periods of time. Some smaller birds have extremely fast metabolisms and much eat throughout the day to stay healthy. for bird products, visit Vet Products Direct online! to find nutritious foods for your pet bird.

Bird Seed vs. Bird Pellets

Some new pet bird owners are confused about the proper diet for their new companion. What’s best – bird seeds or bird pellets? Because there are many options and opinions out there, recognize that one or the other option isn’t superior.

Consider what you’re feeding in addition to bird seed and/or bird pellets. Look for a bird food that contains delicious, healthy ingredients with the necessary minerals, vitamins, and Omega fatty acids your pet needs.

Some diets even promote your pet bird’s natural foraging behavior, and that’s also crucial to the emotional health of your companion bird.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Pet Birds

Fruits and vegetables are ideal snacks for many canaries, finches, and parrot species. In general, select orange and dark green-colored fruits and vegetables. Give a variety of foods to determine what your pet bird likes.

If he or she is a picky eater, consider how the fresh food is prepared. Try offering the food whole, chopped, grated, mashed, etc. Don’t automatically assume that he or she doesn’t like a food after presenting it once. It can take some time for him or her to try it.

Don’t leave fresh food in the bowl for extended periods. Some foods spoil or attract insects and other pets. Before feeding fresh fruits and vegetables, rinse well.

When possible use organic selections, including apples, pineapples, bananas, oranges, berries, melons, asparagus, sprouts, cooked beans, soybeans (non-GMO only), broccoli, peppers, peas (especially peas in the shell), cauliflower, squash, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens.

Since many pet birds love to chew, provide lots of nuts in the shell, too.

When in doubt about the best diet for your pet bird, ask your avian veterinarian or other avian diet specialists.

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