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Major Types of Fleas – What Can Be Done to Protect You and Your Pet from Them?

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The adult fleas generally feed on blood of the warm-blooded mammals. They are in fact archenemy of dogs and cats everywhere. Since they afflict the domestic animals, they are also scourge of the pet owners.

There are approximately 2000 different kinds of fleas in the world. Different fleas attack different animals and sometimes, even people! It is always the best idea to know your enemy, isn’t it? So, why not know more about fleas? Well, go ahead and read on and get as much information you can on them!

Major types of Fleas

While it is true that there are over hundreds of different kinds of fleas, not all bite animals. Only some of them are believed to bite them. The following are some of the major kinds of dog fleas you will encounter.

  • Human flea – These kinds of fleas generally prefer human host. However, they may even feed of cats, dogs, and pigs too. Human flea is closely associated to false human flea and both of them can even be found on the same host.
  • False human flea – It is more commonly found on cats and dogs along with wild mammals.
  • Stick-tight flea – These are even known as tropical hen flea and are known to affect poultry. In some of the cases, they are even believed to bite cats and dogs if available.
  • Rabbit flea – This kind of flea is more commonly seen on pet and wild rabbits. However, it does affect cats and dogs. They often bite ears of their hosts that can result into crust and papules to get formed around edges.
  • Dog flea – Just like its name suggests, these types of fleas commonly bite digs, but they can even be found on humans, cats, as well as other mammals. They are even common on possums, livestock, as well as wild raccoons. They are common carrier of tapeworm parasite.
  • Cat flea – They affects domestic cats along with biting dogs too. They too carry tapeworm parasites.

Most common signs of the Flea Infestations

Even if you ensure treating your dog every month with topical flea preventive, you must keep a careful eye for signs of flea infestation. The most common sign is excessive scratching in your cat or dog.

If you check the body of your cat or dog closely, you might notice redness and irritation signs along with patches of hair loss. It is common especially on neck and head areas. If you notice flea infestation, you will require taking immediate action to get the issue under control.

Ensure to clean all the carpets and vacuum it including your pet’s beddings. You can even wash the bedding in the hot water to kill existing fleas. Ensure to throw away vacuum bag after you vacuum. The best way here is to go for hiring professionals for pet friendly pest control treatments.

Dealing with a flea infestation is definitely not an easy task. Stay up to date about its treatments and signs that they leave behind. Let your pet now enjoy an outing with you. Just check out Twin Cities pet-friendly map and take them to the best pet friendly places in town!

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