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What advice to keep in mind when you want to buy cattle

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Buying cattle via online is not so easy as you may think. You have to be careful when you buy cattle livestock that all the conditions required by your country to be achieved.

For this reason, whenever you want to buy cattle livestock, you have to take into consideration the next features:

  1. The exporting country

First of all, you select the country where you want to buy cattle livestock. There are many countries which have cows or bulls for sale, but not all the countries have good quality breeds.

For example, you can buy from Romania, a traditional exporter of live cattle. It is well known the fact that people who live there are not regular consumers of beef, they rather consume chicken or pork.

  1. Selecting the breed

Each breed is distinguished by its characteristics, depending on the way they were raised, the environment and so on. For instance, Romanian Simmental can have various colors from red, to white and even gold. The bulls can weight 1300 kilograms and the cows can weight 700-900 kilograms.

They reach maturity early, they are easy to handle, they have good growth rates.

Another type of breed is Blue Belgian Cattle, the best known for its calm temperament and for their impressive development of the muscles (also, it is called double muscling). In general, their colors can be white, blue, or black. The bulls can range 1100- 1250 kilograms and the cows can weight 850-900 kilograms. They have good mobility and structure, short gestation period, they have a high degree of conformity, high food efficiency for fattening.

  1. The price

Of course, another crucial aspect when you want to buy cattle livestock, maybe the most decisive for some people, is the price. Choose wisely the type of breeds, the exporting company, while keeping in your mind that quality is sometimes more important than the price. But that doesn’t mean you’ll buy the most expensive livestock thinking that they are not cheap, so they must have good quality. That is not a rule. You just want to make the best deal, don’t you?

  1. Health issues

Status of their health is another important feature which you have to pay attention to. That means it’s recommended to buy the best quality livestock only from a trusty exporting company with a wide experience. Also, the certification and registration play another major part in the process of buying live cattle. You’ll have to take care to receive all the documents required by the authorities, for example, a sanitary veterinary certificate which warrants the health of the animals.

Seradria is a company with over 23 years experience regarding the field of livestock exporting.

All in all, if you’ve decided to buy cows or bulls via online, follow the advice from above and in this way, you will get the best trade for your business.

If you need more information about cattle livestock, check out seradria.com and make the best deal!

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